Services and innovation
Our company provides Passport and ID scanning solutions as well as Digital Registration systems which are integrated with more than 50 PMS systems all over the world and installed in more than 600 hotels in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Our innovative Passport/ID reading application enables guest document insertion directly into any PMS, instantly and accurately updating the lead customer and accompanying guest profiles with data such as Last Name, First Name, Nationality, Passport-ID No, Document Type, Birth Date and Gender/Title. At the same time the system can also store the image(s) of all Passports and IDs being scanned. This innovative intermediary integration software application provides 99% successful MRZ reading for any MRZ Passport or ID worldwide as well as for any kind of credit/debit card.

Our systems have many features such as integration with pre-registration platforms so that the pre-check-in process can be carries out remotely and are applicable in many market sectors such as hospitality, shipping, cruises, ticketing, retail stores and any other activity which requires rapid customer data registration to any ERP or in-house software application.

Available Products and features
Standard Document Reading (€690/year per station)
Premium Document Reading (€990/year per station)
Digital Registration System (€1700/year per tablet)
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